Story About Dasplay

We are living in a digital age where we are constantly improving products and services. Improving products is essential, but we like to strive for more. Reflecting on the display needs of tomorrow we brought together our most advanced design features in a new product line: DASPLAY.

Because if it is all out there, why not have it all?

And while we created the best possible product we took extra care incorporating advanced safety, user friendly and high-tech features.

Display safe and easy with the most ‘invisible’ system for customers. Let them play with and explore what you are DASPLAY-ing.

Who Prefers Dasplay

Anyone who likes to have it all in one display!

Anyone displaying tablets, phones, mp3/mp4 players, shavers and camera lenses. DASPLAY enables you to focus on the sell only. Anytime, anywhere.

Places Dasplay-ing their products include mobile phone outlets, supermarkets, trade fair stands – in fact retail outlets of all kinds.

Technical Side

What’s that ‘all’ in technical terms?

Security: 100% reliable systems

Advanced: All in one recoiler (no central unit needed)

User friendly: IR remote control operation, easy installation, no more complicated set-ups and maintenance free.